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Virtual Office in Calicut

Virtual Office in Calicut

What is a virtual office?
A virtual office allows businesses to have a brick and mortar office and enjoy associated services without having to incur the expenditure of leases, rents, or salaries of administrative staff. A virtual office allows the employees of a company to work from any place of their choice, yet have a business mailing address and tele answering service.
All the legal procedures with respect to virtual office registration will be done as per government norms. Required supporting documents for registration from Wee Spaces will be provided on cliental request. Wee Spaces offers startups the opportunity to have a virtual office in Calicut, within their coworking premises in the three locations in Calicut. And adding up more in future.
The founders of Wee Spaces recognized the need for virtual office services in Calicut when they witnessed many startups and fledgling businesses reeling under the oppressive cost of rents and leases, and shutting shop. To prevent promising business ideas from floundering due to this reason, they decided to offer virtual office services in their three coworking spaces in Calicut.

Advantages of having a Virtual Office in Wee Spaces
Wee Spaces virtual office in Calicut allows small businesses and startups to minimize their overhead. They get a prestigious professional mailing address where documents and packages can be sent by vendors and customers, where they are received by our front office staff, and then forwarded to the address specified by the business. Official business calls are received by our receptionist and forwarded to the relevant person, or, messages are taken and callback is arranged.
It allows entrepreneurs who are just starting out in business, or small businesses with tight budgets, to display a premier address, at just a fraction of the cost of renting or leasing their own premises.
All of these services render a sense of professionalism to a small business or startup, and can give the impression of being a larger business than it actually is – and helps to show potential customers, lenders, or vendors, that they are serious about the business, and are there for the long haul.
Wee Spaces offers meeting rooms and conference rooms which can be used by the startups availing the service of virtual office in Calicut, should the need arise. The conference rooms can seat 15 people, and can seat 15 people. Tastefully furnished and equipped with quality audio video equipment, these are designed in the manner of corporate board rooms, and ideal for making presentations to potential customers, employees, or other stakeholders. These conference rooms can be used by members for a nominal fee, and need to be booked in advance. Meeting rooms can be used free of cost by members, however, they too need to be booked in advance.
Wee Spaces also boasts a well-stocked cafeteria, allowing you to serve beverages and snacks to your conference guests – just as you would have in your own office premises.
Businesses wishing to avail of virtual office in Calicut at Wee Spaces need to keep in mind the following:

  • They must observe all the legal procedures with respect to virtual office registration.
  • Businesses must be properly registered with the relevant authorities.
  • Wee Spaces will provide all help with respect to registration, and help to smoothen the process.
  • It is not mandatory to be members of Wee Spaces (coworkers) to avail of virtual office services.

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