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Office Space in Calicut

Calicut has always been a commercially important place in Kerala, as it was the sea port through which Portuguese traders led by Vasco da Gama first landed in India. They were followed by other Europeans like the French and the British, who wanted to trade with India. If Calicut was famous in those times for its fine fabrics, spices, coir products and cashews, today, it is renowned for having a plethora of talented IT professionals and budding entrepreneurs. The city is fast developing into a major exporter of software, and a startup hub. Favorable government policies, a relatively crime- free environment, connectivity, and plentiful availability of utilities make Calicut a preferred destination for those wishing to start their business.
Launching a business often means big investment. Employees are needed, equipment has to be purchased, and office space has to be leased. Unfortunately, most startups are not in a position to take such a big leap, in spite of having workable and innovative business ideas. Especially in a city high on the livable index like Calicut, land and property are at a premium. In such a situation, the ideal solution is shared office space in Calicut.

Advantages of Shared Office Spaces

A shared office space offers small businesses and startups the opportunity to lease or rent small spaces, cubicles, or private cabins within a larger, shared space, which is often a co-working space. This allows the entrepreneurs to bring down their investment and operational costs significantly.
Wee Spaces is a co-working space that offers the service of shared office space in Calicut. It is a boon for small businesses and startups on a shoestring budget. It allows them to have a prestigious business address in reputed locations, signaling vendors, customers and other stakeholders that they are serious contenders. It enables them to save massively on leasing their own office space. Wee Spaces takes care of all facilities a business would need, like power backup, high speed Wi-Fi, housekeeping services, concierge services (front office or receptionist), security services, furnishing, cafeteria, whiteboards, office equipment like printers and scanners, and more. This means that the startup or business availing of the office space in Calicut at Wee Spaces does not have to bother about finding a suitable utility provider, or investing in generators or inverters, or ancillary staff.
Availing of shared office space in Calicut saves a small entrepreneur from being locked into a long- term lease; office space at Wee Spaces can be rented for a short period, on monthly basis if needed. You don’t have to make any payments upfront, and have a great deal of flexibility to choose from different plans. What’s more, there is a choice available as to the type and size of office space you want to rent, based on your budget and requirement.
Additionally, it offers the opportunity to hobnob and network without startup founders and share knowledge and information. Co-working spaces and shared office spaces like Wee Spaces act as incubators and offer the opportunity to network with corporate players in relevant industries through various events.
At Wee Spaces, meeting rooms and conference rooms are also provided for the use of the members, which need to be booked in advance. Presentations can be made to potential customers or other stakeholders in comfortable and professional environs.
Customers and guests can also be entertained in the cafeteria where hot beverages and snacks are stocked for the use of members. Wee Spaces also features a rooftop patio and garden where coworkers and office employees can simply hang out – and there are specially designated smoking spaces for those who want to take a puff. In short, Wee Spaces not only offers a productive, professional ambience, it also offers a friendly and relaxing environment when you need to rejuvenate yourself.
Startups can choose from the following options at Wee Spaces:
Premium Office Cabins
These are elegantly furnished, and air-conditioned closed cabins, which can be used by businesses that have teams of eight to twelve employees. They offer privacy, which is important when you’re in a shared office space, and especially if you handle sensitive customer information.
Executive Office Cabins
These cabins are also fully furnished and air conditioned, and can accommodate small teams of three to six people.
Four seated Office Cubicle
This arrangement is ideal for teams with independent individuals who still need to collaborate and work as a team. These cubicles are half walled and well furnished, and are sought after by brand new startups and existing co-workers who join to form a new team. As the business grows and you need to scale your space to match the increased number of team members, you can always move into the closed cabin structure of shared office space offered by Wee Spaces.

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